12 Sleeper Accommodation In Ballito Underrated


12 Sleeper Accommodation In Ballito is a small town on the west coast of South Africa, and it’s popular with tourists for its white sandy beaches and lively nightlife. Similarly, sleeper accommodation in Ballito is a great way to get a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 


So, if you’re looking for somewhere to relax and recharge your batteries, Ballito is the perfect place. Why not book yourself a room at one of the local accommodation options? You’ll love the peace that they offer, making them ideal places to spend a nice day away from it all.


To check out all the sleeper accommodation options, keep reading!


Ballito As A Holiday Destination:

The scenery in Ballito is simply stunning. The town is located on the east coast of the island and overlooks a beautiful bay. The roads winding around the bay are lined with brightly colored houses and protected by cliffs that drop down to the sea. 


There are many nice days to spend in Ballito, either exploring the town or taking a scenic walk along one of its many pathways. If you’re looking for a relaxing evening, then why not take in a performance at one of Ballito’s local theaters? Alternatively, venture out into the night and enjoy some delicious local food and wine.


What to expect from 12 Sleeper Accommodation In Ballito:

Ideally, you want to find a comfortable and affordable place to stay while on holiday in Ballito. If you’re planning on staying in a sleeper accommodation, be prepared for some surprises. 


First of all, it’s important to understand that Ballito is not the best place for a relaxed holiday. It can be quite hectic! In addition, the accommodation options are pretty limited, so book well in advance. 


The good news is that Ballito does have some great budget-friendly options, which include camping and homestays. You’ll also find plenty of midrange hotels and pensions, as well as luxurious villas and resorts if you’re looking for something more specialized. 


Whatever type of accommodation you choose, make sure to take into account your needs.


12 Sleeper Accommodation In Ballito Options:

Looking for a nice break in Ballito? Check out our list of sleeper accommodation options. From simple self-catering apartments to country lodges, we have something for everyone. 


With plenty of scenic walks and historic attractions within easy reach, you’ll have plenty to do during your stay in Ballito. And if the weather turns bad, you can always head to one of Ballito’s many cozy cafés for a warm cup of cocoa!


Let’s find out the best ones.


Beach Villa with Pool:

Predominant blue color with tones of white, this accommodation is the perfect summer getaway. Boasting 3 bedrooms, each with its ensuite bathroom and shower. It has a fully equipped kitchen with measurements that can easily accommodate large parties or even small conferences, there is no shortage of space in this well-designed villa!


12 Sleeper Accommodation In Ballito – Hawkins Drive Holiday House:

Hawkins Drive House is a cozy home fit for anyone looking to enjoy the last of their vacation at the beach before returning to civilian life. The house is pet friendly and located in an area with many great restaurants, shops, and pubs nearby.


Clarke Bay Beach House:

Surround yourself with nature in a comfortable private and spacious six-bedroom, four-bathroom beach house located at the edge of a very tranquil forest reserve. Just a 300m walk from Cape Vidal’s quiet and secluded beach faces the magnificent King Shaka International Airport runway.


Al Marrakesh Guest House:

Al Marrakesh Guest House is situated in the heart of the seaside town of Ballito. Whether it be the unrelenting African summer or freezing wintery nights, Al Marrakesh is a refuge where your stay will never be dull. This serene establishment intertwines traditional Arabic and African cultures to create a truly unique set of surroundings.


Mermaid’s Playground:

This prestigious house is modern, immaculate, and grand in scale. It’s furnished to the highest of standards and provides the perfect environment for a getaway with family or friends. Everything you need is here on this property, including beautifully appointed accommodation that has all the amenities you will require. 


Also, this luxury home enjoys magnificent ocean views that are simply breathtaking and offer an unparalleled level of uninterrupted view that’s rare in one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. Amongst its many unique offerings, this accommodation site includes a large pool and even includes pet-friendly facilities!


Nomax Beach House:

If you’re looking for a sweet little family getaway home where you can enjoy uninterrupted panoramic views of the sparkling-blue Ocean with your loved ones, then this luxurious ocean-themed NOMAX beach house is definitely what you have been dreaming about! Situated in the sought-after Ballito area in Thompsons Bay, this gorgeous home will make sure all your vacation wishes come true!


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